This theme lists your sites (see My Sites) or feeds (Atom, RSS, XML, et al) and displays them in embedded framed tabs selectable via the menu.

All embedded frames are loaded at once. Though the loading takes a bit longer, after that there is no need to wait for the other tabs to load later on. Instant switching between them is just done through clicking on the corresponding menu.

Basically, compiles the tabs in this order:

  • Table of Content (ToC)
  • Auxiliary tabs
  • Core tabs (My Sites or [auxiliary] feed)
  • System tabs (with stats, settings and other links)

One can set which one of the above to show or to hide via the theme settings:

Apperance > Theme Settings > Menu Layout

Selecting tabs directly from URL

If you would like to select any particular tab directly from the address, use its slug:,


Or use its index (# stands for the ordinary number when counting the opened frames, stating from 1, excluding the ToC):,


N.B. If there is a tab name with a valid integer number, it will be selected, not the one with the corresponding index.

Or use selected parameter:,


N.B. “selected” URL parameter overrides both slug and tab number selectors. If slug or tab number selectors are used ?selected=0 will be ignored. To select the ToC from the URL one should not use selected parameter at all.

If you want to hide ToC on some references, all you need to do is just to add one parameter toc=off to the URL, e.g.,

Opening all tabs directly in browser

If you want to open all links directly in the browser, use open parameter in the URL, e.g.,

N.B. your browser needs to allow pop-ups. Please read this page if you want to learn how to enable it.

Auxiliary tabs

It is possible to add auxiliary tabs by specifying them in the URL via the following parameters:

  • url# – URL of the resource to load in iframe (must be a valid URL excluding or including http://)
  • caption# – caption for the menu

Where # can be any number between 1 and 36 (less the number of shown core tabs). If one of those URLs is not specified, any further values will not be included.

E.g., the following URL

will add a page loading menu item Help.Me.

N.B., by default, the auxiliary tabs will not be shown if they are hidden using the theme Menu Layout settings. Keep this feature disabled, if you don’t want anyone interfere with your site, its menu and loaded links.

N.B., when creating an API base, it is advised to delete default My Sites (or to switch the core tabs off) if you want to be able to add all 36 auxiliary links. If you leave the core tabs visible, say for the auxiliary feed, any items loaded from the feed will decrease the maximum number of possible auxiliary tabs. In other words, it is possible to have at most 36 tabs regardless the cofiguration.

For on-the-fly framing please read corresponding help section.

Custom design

Of course it is possible to change titles, description, etc via the admin section of the site.

For those who what to extend their own API, the following URL parameters are available:

URL parameter Description
title the title as it appears in the table of content
description the description line as it appears in the table of content
toc the caption of the table of content tab (also can be set to “off” to hide or “on” to enforce)
mbgc menu background colour
mtc menu tab text colour
mtbgc menu tab background colour
mstc menu tab selected text colour
mstbgc menu tab selected background colour

Colours can be standard names like red or black or transparent, or three character or six character hex codes in RGB format.

For example, this URL with parameters will change the title, description and the colours on the home page of demo page:

Important: one needs to allow auxiliary tabs, else these parameters will be ignored, with one exception: it is possible to use values off for the toc parameter anytime.

If ToC is enabled and shown it is possible to prevent sites from loading in separate tabs by using parameter menu=toconly.

Tab sources

By default, theme takes My Sites (see My Sites) as tab sources.

One can also use a valid feed (Atom, RSS, XML, et al) to be embeded in the tabs instead of My Sites. For this, one need to specify the feed parameters in the theme options:

Apperance > Theme Settings > Tabs’ & Feed’s Sources

For example, precompiled takes the latest 12 news entries from and opens them in separate tabs.

In addition to the custom design, it is possible to use the following two parameters to override the feed settings to embed other feed or change the number of items:

URL parameter Description
f URL of a valid feed
fn maximum number of items to process, can be anything between 1 and 36, default value is 12 or the one specified in the theme options

Important: one needs to allow auxiliary tabs, else these parameters will be ignored. These parameters will also be ignored if the chosen source type is My Sites, not Feed.

Thus, one can show any feed in tabs on-the-fly by using the following API link (this example creates a similar compilation we  did for above):

Should one also wish to change the colours, extra custom design, etcetera, then the auxiliary URL parameters described above can be used as well:,+all+in+tabs+under+one+URL&toc=ToC&mbgc=ABC&mtc=FDB&mtbgc=888&mstc=ABCDEF&mstbgc=444444

Auto Reload

If you would like your tabs to reload now and then, i.e., to refresh the content, you can easily do it by adding – this will reload the page every 30 minutes (1800 seconds).

For example, reloads every 6 seconds.

If your URLs have ? or & or other special characters, you need to encode them first at AutoReload.Me.

Additional notes

Open bundled references in tabs:

Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy -$1n