Stand For Ukraine

The entire world is shocked by the unprecedented aggression against Ukraine in the 21st century.

As one of our back offices is located in Lviv, at, we cannot stay aside, and in fact, we are heavily involved assisting refugees and taking care of medical supplies from the day one.

Our personnel is out there on the ground holding the space this very moment.

Amid this heroic job, we have to reduce the online support hours. So please bear with us.

We call all our clients and visitors to trigger your governments to be fully engaged in the peacekeeping, putting the pressure on the aggressor, i.e. Mr Khuylo and his allies.

We invite you to donate to a wide range of international large scale charities:

There are also many self organised formations all over Ukraine today. Millions of people united with one goal and priority: to end this war and make sure such a catastrophe is not repeated again.

Personally we are busy with logistics covering refugee traffic and their housing, transportation of medical equipment and supplies and basic necessities.

If you would like your effort to go locally and today, please call Mark or reach him out on WhatsApp.

United we stand for Ukraine!

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