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Coming soon:

Name.ly sites collage

Name.ly sites collage

At Name.ly we constantly innovate and provide our users with new features. So what one can expect in the coming months?

We have schedule deployment of other jingling domains, like actual.ly, cool.ly, sure.ly, linked.me, savvy.me, smarter.me, really.me, and many more. Brands-and-Jingle agency has indeed, quite few of them in the pipeline. Later on we also plan to roll out our WorldWide.Me portfolio with jingles like German.Me, Indian.Me, Kiwi.Me etcetera.

In 2011 Name.ly also plans to release e-mail forwards, more fancy theme layouts and provide extra impressive applications… stay tuned indeed.

Of course, at the moment, we already offer you a good variety of live sites and services, namely:

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