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Brief.ly intro videos

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Annie, a.k.a., Orange Girl, kindly shared with us her two testimonials of Brief.ly service:

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Interview with All Top Startups

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Lessons learned before the launch of Brief.ly

It was a long path. Our first experiment was a pilot project Of-Cour.se! The idea was to have a blogging platform like that of WordPress, just with jingly URLs. For example Joking.Of-Cour.se/ or Nespresso.What-El.se – the web address was meant to become a sentence, even a slogan.

We realised that technology is there already for years. What we needed was a strong marketing and this did not come for free. Of course we were promoted on many sites, blogs, and social networks, – but that was not enough to ring the bells.

Throughout 2009 we experimented with different features, more blogs, more posts and more PR. The pilot grew into Name.ly project with the mission to help people sorting out their multiple online profiles, sites, pages, etcetera.