Q: Can I use Name.ly/PRO on my existing site?

A: Absolutely. Say you run a successful site on domain.tld which enjoys good traffic. And yet you want to monetise by sub-leasing emails and sub-domains. Or you want to have your multi-URL bundling on the very same domain name. Yes it is all possible. It is done in the following way: (i) you let us know in advance so we prepare everything on our side and point back two A-records, “@” and “www” back to your existing IP so that your site stays intact on the existing server. (ii) You then change the name server to NS1.NAME.LY and NS2.NAME.LY. (iii) You add a link to manage.domain.tld for the sub-lease or bundling service. (iv) If you need any emails @domain.tld, it will be possible to configure them via manage.domain.tld, also in advance.

Q: Where can I find the affiliate statistics?

A: Go to the main site control panel, via http://domain.tld/@ then jump to the following menu: Premier > Affiliate. Also, there you will be able to set notification to trigger you about new site reservation, trial activation, and payment sent to your email instantly.

Q: How and when will I be paid?

A: You need to provide Name.ly/PRO with a valid PayPal account email. This you have to do via your main site admin panel, usually http://domain.tld/@ then jump to the following menu: Premier > Affiliate. Payments are wired automatically once month as soon as they are cleared by PayPal. Clearance usually takes two months, as it is still possible that some payments can be reverted during that period.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of sites one can run?

Name.ly/PRO hosts thousands of domain names with the total number of account/sites over 50,000. Our current hardware configuration was tested and can handle 600 requests per seconds (this is about 50 million requests per day). Our current daily average varies between 2 to 20 requests per second, peaking sometime at 50 requests per second if we post an article on a very popular service (those of top 1,000 world-known news sties). The system is configured in the way that we can add extra machines easily and handle extra load once there. You can add 1,000 clients in a day and rest assured all will work smoothly.

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