Quick Localization (Quick Localisation)

Wordpress in any language you like

Quick Localisation allows to hook on gettext so that one can easily tweak WordPress translations generated by functions __ and _e.

For installation please see the corresponding section. It is as trivial as copying the plugin folder in your WordPress.

To get the flavour of what the plugin actually does, see the screen shots.

Once installed and activated, the plugin back-end will be accessible via a separate menu in the admin panel (WP Admin -> Quick Localisation).

N.B. by all means this plugin is not a replacement of the standard WordPress localisation framework. In fact, you are advised to use it as a long-term solution.

However Quick Localisation comes very handy when quick patches or unconventional translations are required.

The plugin offers the following options.

Editing Localisation Table

  • Old text
  • New text (optional; empty values will remove the localisation subject)
  • Text domain (allows to target specific plugin or theme “domains”; if set to _ALL_ – it will be applied to all matching text)


  • Allows to export saved localisation for easy copy-pasting between the sites and backups.
  • This feature also comes handy later when generating actual .PO files.


  • It is possible to import previously saved localisations or just copy them from other WordPress sites.
  • It is possible to empty the localisation database prior to import as well as to choose whether or not to overwrite already existing entries.


At the moment Quick Localisation hooks on gettext filter itself with very low priority (namely, 1000). Allowing it to be the last one to have a say on translations.

Should one use other similar gettext hooks, the priority can be changed in index.php.

Latest version can be downloaded here.

Language files can be downloaded here.

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