E-mail signatures

Adding your blog address to your email footer will increase your popularity drastically because such an impressive link won’t go unnoticed.

Each time you will be sending emails, the footer will be read by your friends. Our research shows that people also tend to click on our unconventional non-dot-com jingling links for pure curiosity. So why miss your chance?

Your friends will go to your web page and learn more about you. This will bring you closer, even if there are countries and seas between you. Wasn’t staying in touch important to you?

Our studies show that anything unrelated to the message itself in the email footer will be skipped by the readers. We played with many things. Most striking discovery was that


was three times more likely to be clicked then


Meaningful messages is what really counts today.

Question: How to add a link to my site into my e-mail signature?

Answer: Depending on your e-mail client you will have to follow some particular instructions referenced below.

Useful links:

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Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy - http://name.ly/~j6RK$3F