How to set up email forwards

How to set up email forwards with other popular email services

Now, that you have your catchy email address, how do you configure it to be used with your email service? Say you have set to forward emails to or or How do you configure the email client to work with your new address?

AOLGmail Outlook Yahoo! mail


A memo was posted on their site. You need to be logged in to see it.

Gmail (Google mail)

Just go to any of these links:

and then add your as another email account.

Recently Google started to require an external SMTP server. If you don’t have one, you can find plenty of free services allowing sending few thousand emails per day.

Once you finish the set up, Google will send you a confirmation email. Once you verify it, you will be all done.

More detail information about sending email from a different email via Google mail can be found here.


A comprehensive guide can be found here. (Hotmail, MSN, etc)

Go to “Options” > “More email settings” > “Your email accounts” > “Add a send only account”

Click on “Advanced options”.

Select “Send emails using Outlook’s server (recipient may see your Outlook address)”.

Then only enter your new email address you have just registered with us and press “Next”. Then follow the verification instructions.


You will need to go via the following menus:

Yahoo! Mail > Options > Mail Options > Accounts > Add Account

More details can be found on their website.


Easy Google search will find you instruction for all other clients.

Open bundled references in tabs:

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