Price drop and an update due for a while

It has been a while since publish any updates in its journal. There were few reasons for this. The team was busy.

Since August 2012 the system was under constant DDoS attack. We had to buy more armour (scale the hardware) and sharpen the swards (tune up the software side) to make sure the platform remained intact. After a long investigation we have found the physical intruders and they are now been prosecuted by German police.

We don’t want to bother you with all the details, but the time of crazy captchas is now over, we have learn how to remain strong even with a modern soft look. The fight was fierce though. Our robots have blocked some 25 thousand black IPs and had been cracking thousand of good and bad requests per second. None of the accounts was compromised and is happy to keep providing the best level of service on the Internet.

Thanks to loyal clients grew and is now featuring short and popular services such as cool as, a URL bundler positioned for Chinese consumers.

Another year for and it is hosting few hundred domain names more, from city registries like to personal address hubs like

To celebrate all these achievements and the upcoming spring, marketing team decided to slash first year registration prices to a symbolic $0.99.

We hope this will give the potential users a fair boost to try the powerful platform, on which others, like, host their popular sites.

It also turns that is living over its close competitors. Having started slightly earlier than Posterous, back then it was the pilot project, are watching the former closing down this month. Everyone interested in migrating their Posterous account to a WordPress sites on is welcome. Should you have any queries regarding this or other topics – do not hesitate to ask.

Remember, is the still one of the few providing free domain mapping.

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