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LONDON, 14 December 2010 (Brands-and-Jingles) is proud to present you with alpha version of its new service

Unlike conventional URL shorteners allows you to re-route your links any time, any place.

You can shorten multiple links at once, pick up catchy designs and choose among dozens of integrated short and meaningful domain names.

All embedded multi-sites are opened with just one click, making switching between them instant. That saves readers a lot of effort while opening links sent though mailings or other online channels.

Publishers enjoy in-depth visitor analytics and full range of blogging features too.

This launch of the alpha version successfully concludes informative teaser campaign run prior to the official launch.

About Brands-and-Jingles:

Founded in 2008, Brands-and-Jingles is a marketing agency sponsored by MAKTIG Venture Capital. Its international team in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Ukraine creates and develops jingles that intensify brands online as well as in the real world. At the moment, comprises of jingles like, ThatIs.Me,,,,, ✯.ws, ➸.ws… For more information, visit

Media Inquiries:

Маrk Кусhmа
Tel: +44 79 2016 2000
E-mail: Press{at}Brands-and-Jingles{dot}com

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  1. Marko Says:

    A nice example of page can be seen on Up & Over it briefing:

  2. Лариса Михась Says:

    I like the idea that everything opens instantly. So now I can send my clients 20 links, and they only need to click once.

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