Earlier this year Name.ly has added few short URLs and redirects, now with demand rising, we are glad to announce about the most shortest star link you can come across the Internet.

Please welcome our new Name.ly domain name, the most shortest and the most starest one:


Read as “star web site”, ✯.ws surely catches the eye among the myriad of other links, so abandon now on the web.

This post for instance will now also resolve as http://✯.ws/!Ej$6L.

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Short link: [Facebook] [Twitter] [Email] Copy - http://name.ly/~Ns7A$6L

2 Responses to “✯.ws”

  1. Marko Says:

    So, now the short link to this article is http://✯.ws/~Ej$6L – sweet, isn’t it?

  2. Marko Says:

    In addition to ✯.ws one can also use ➸.ws.

    For instance: http://➸.ws/~Ej$6L

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